Composite Roll



This system,
has been developed with the purpose to overcome the poblems and difficulties experienced in hydraulic locking composite rollers. Rolled long products made especially for use in production is very economical and practical. Locking operation is carried out by a special bolt instead of hydraulic. Assembly / disassembly most important feature of this system for ease of rotation ring the general problem in these applications, cracking and breakage is likely to be very low. To the desired clamping force can bereached very comfortable, the intermediate group with a high reduction in rolling rollers can also be applied very comfortable. Passed through certied and crack control as forged 4140 steel shaft material is used

The main advantages of the system;
• Cause of the design, less rotation ring, cracking, fracture probability.
• Assembly / disassembly ease.
• Assembly / disassembly during hydraulic pump, the need for special equipment such as seals, etc.
• Very high clamping force applied by application, In this way also apply to high-reduction group roll call
• According to hydraulic locking, less force need for similar applications.
• The operating costs for locking nuts can be reused is low.
• Occupational health and safety risk occurs because the work with a very high hydraulic pressure in the hydraulic locking system is not available on this system.





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