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Cardan Shaft are commonly known as Universal Joint Shaft. One of many structural designs of universal joint shafts, CIW-X, CIW-Y, CIW-Z, CIW-YH, CIW-T series Cardan Shaft (universal joint shafts) is the most commonly used with the highest load capacity. Drawing on many years of universal joint engineering experience and the advanced world Technology, we have conducted in-depth research on the CIW-X, CIW-Y, CIW-Z, CIW-YH, CIW-T series universal joint shafts product line. Our product have far surpassed. The most strict engineering standards both in performance and product variety and are able to satisfy our customer’s diverse and stringent requirements. In particular, our product range consists of the following five series CIW-X, CIW-Y, CIW-Z, CIW-YH, CIW-T covering a torque range of 510-90,00,000Nm the core product line.





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