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High Counting accuracy: adopt imported high-precision image acquisition module and high-resolution imaging lens; Optimize image quality, thereby improving the counting accuracy.
Stable Performance: industrial computer system control, independent research and development of Rebar Separation System Software. Practice has proved its long-time working stability.
Maintenance-free Optical System: a great convenience due to using maintenance-free design for the imaging system.
Smoothly Driven Chain: it can move forward and backward freely without affecting counting accuracy which is better than other manufacturers’ rebar counters as it can only move forward.
Low maintenance Cost: with non-contact measurement and changeless driven chain, the illumination lights are the only consumables in this system. It will use German OSRAM standard spotlights so as reduce cost.


Bar Handling and Bundling System is located at the end of whole rolling line, to receive bars from the cold shear roller table, shear gauge, short bar ejection, counting, bundling, weighing, tag marking and convey the bar bundles to the dispatching area.

★ Stackers suited to handling straight and reverse layers are available for all type of sections. Handling of the straight and reverse layer can be mechanical or magnetic or magnetic with high stacking cycle performance
★ All stackers have a built-in bundling function. Bundlers for round and flat bars available together with bar counting for rounds and small bundle processing systems
★ The packing form can be round, square, rectangular and hexagonal
★ Automatic binding of the packages and bundles is available with wire or strapping
★ All bundles can be automatically weighed and further labeled for quality assured delivery of the finished products



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